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   Cashmere Stoles

Cashmere StolesDuggal Shawl Industries is a famous manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and seller of cashmere stoles in Amritsar, India. We manufacture and sell stylish, beautiful and fashionable cashmere stoles. You can buy cashmere stoles at cheap and wholesale price at our shop. We will do the shipping of cashmere stoles to your home. Our cashmere stoles are manufactured in colors like black, white, green, red and pink. Online catalog of our cashmere stoles is available at our website.

Our checkered-striped cashmere stoles are the stoles with checks and stripes pattern printed on them. This range of our stoles is available in various multicolored checks and stripes pattern with tassels beautifying the hemline of the stoles. The checks are multicolored with self-woven vertical stripes running along the length of the stoles. Our company manufactures wide range of cashmere stoles at wholesale and cheap price with good quality. Our Cashmere Stoles are manufactured in India and exported to countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain.



cashmere Stoles
cashmere Stoles



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