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   Cotton scarves

Cotton scarvesDuggal Shawl Industries is a famous manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and seller of Cotton Scarves in Amritsar, India. We manufacture and sell stylish, beautiful and fashionable fashion stoles. You can buy Cotton Scarves at cheap and wholesale price at our shop. We will do the shipping of Cotton Scarves to your home. Our Cotton Scarves are manufactured in colors like black, white, green, red and pink. Online catalog of our Cotton Scarves is available at our website.

Our range of cotton scarves constitutes the major share of our export textile products. They are available in silk and polyester varieties that lend a degree of glamour to them. Cotton, the most practical and affordable piece of cloth is suited for both summers as well as winters. It has the unique property of being warm in winters and cool in summers. Hence, cotton scarves, available in a huge range of colors provide the most popular choice of headgear for men and women alike. Cotton scarves are exported to Australia, USA & UK and the same are manufactured in a variety of colors and designs.


Cotton Scarves
Cotton Scarves

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